Strength Training Programs

We offer strength, speed and plyometrics training for athletes in sports such as football, hockey, soccer, tennis and basketball.

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All training takes place at our Mt. Laurel location: 14 Federal St, Mt. Laurel NJ 08054

Strength / Conditioning

League Bound strength and conditioning offers an innovative approach to training, working on a solid athletic foundation while staying focused on each athlete's individual goal. Our unique program works on being in top physical shape while working on explosive and proper lifting technique and functional strength training.

Speed / Agility

Our Speed Training Program is specifically designed with a common goal to enhance foot speed, agility, power and flexibility. One of the main components of an athlete is their agility. An athlete's agility is influenced by their center of gravity, balance of their body, coordination skill and running speed. We at League Bound believe in improving an athlete's power, balance, speed, and coordination. Agility is an important component to achieving success in sports such as football, hockey, soccer, tennis, basketball etc.


Plyometrics, often referred to as jump training, is a reflective form of power training. Our training focuses on maximizing the stretch reflex of the muscles, the purpose is to teach the muscles to produce maximum force faster which enhances performance for all athletes. We take an aggressive but safe approach by utilizing each athlete's ability differently allowing them to see development within themselves and still maintaining maximum results.

Basketball Training

View our basketball training programs